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Monthly Fishing Report

Summer 2020

Summer fishing in the rivers and lake can be fun and rewarding. December should see warm days in the mid 20 deg C and cooler nights. Lake surface temperature above 18 deg C and more insect life. Fly fishing in the lake is best late evening until dark and Spinning early morning and late evening are best. In the rivers, dry flies all day with perhaps a nymph underneath. Faster runs and pools in the river are best for spinning lures and weighted casting flies. Surface trolling in the lake at sunrise and sunset can be good with Tassie Devils and perhaps a Goldfish pattern hard body lure trolled long. Downrigging and 3 or 4 colours of leadline or clip weights in deeper water can be fished all day.

In January the weather should warm up further with hot days above 30 deg C and cooler nights. Lake surface temperature can be 20 – 24 deg C with many more insects hatching. You can fly fish the rivers all day but better in the evening, black and brown nymph patterns are the go.    

  For bait fishing in the lake, scrub worms, powerbait, mudeyes if you can get them, from sunrise to sunset under a float, or just an unweighted scrub worm fished close to the lake edge can give good results.  

The Snowy Trout Challenge is on-going all through summer with some great prizes still available for tagged fish. It’s a great time to take kids fishing around the lake edges and demonstrate your fishing skills. We have everything you will need in the shop for sale and hire and the advice is free, at the Snowline Centre, just past the Thredbo turnoff.