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Lake levels have stopped dropping with repairs to the Dam infrastructure completed. Some of the exposed areas over the last few months have grown back green and healthy, promoting insect life around the edges, making for great early morning fishing before and after sunrise, with bait or spinners or streamer flies.

Occasional fronts rolling through with low pressure have made afternoon fishing a little tough, on these days bottom fishing with bait, trolling is producing best results. Black, gold and brown hues in soft plastics and insect shapes are doing well in the rivers.

Bait fishing has been producing good results in shallow areas. Scrub worms just off the bottom or mudeyes under a float. Powerbait in reds, oranges & yellows has seen the most attention.

Surface trolling at sunrise and sunset with soft plastics has been productive, deeper trolling with deep diving lures have been producing good catches of brown and rainbow trout.

Dry fly fishing the streams improves with warmer weather and the resultant insect hatches of white moths, midges and other local insects. Nymph runs occur in the rivers at this time of year, so using dropper on your dry or wet fly can produce good fish feeding or resting in deeper pools.

On days when insect life or hatches are minimal, Euro Nymphing a small stretch of river can produce results. Trout feed in the slower flowing water, bottom feeding and conserving energy. Run nymph in a darker or hatching colour, along the bottom with a length of indicator line, or indicator, between your leader and tippet.

Polaroiding the lake edges and rivers from a higher vantage point you spot cruising trout morning and evening, drifting soft plastics in darker nymph patterns, or yabbies with stingers in the claws near these areas can entice a strike.

Make the best of the ever changing weather and enjoy fishing for trout. We have everything you will need to give it a go in the shop at the Snowline Center just past the Thredbo turnoff.


Kind Regards,

Brian & Stuart

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